Career Resource Hub

The LIFE Project Food Enterprise Centers in Istanbul and Mersin are platforms for food sector workforce development. The Career Resource Hub supports  industry workers through certified food sanitation and hygiene training, skills-matching workshops, job placement services and follow-on support.

The LIFE Project works closely with local restaurants and organizations to respond to local demands for workforce development within the food sector. In addition to providing hands-on training in high-demand hygiene and service skills, the LIFE Project customizes employment preparedness materials to support the professional development of food sector workers and increase their competitive advantage for employment.

Since 2018, over 1,000 food service workers in Turkey have received training and certification in food safety from the Ministry of National Education through the LIFE Project. These certifications not only improve participants’ competitiveness in the workforce, but also mitigate compliance concerns of potential employers.

Are you a food sector worker or business owner in Turkey interested in the services offered through the Career Resource Hub? Contact [email protected] for more information.