LIFE Project Puts Syrian Refugees and Host Community on Path to Success in Turkey’s Food Industry

From Consortium Lead The Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)

Each year on June 20, the United Nations observes World Refugee Day to raise awareness about the global refugee crisis and commemorate the strength and perseverance of millions of refugees. The total number of forcibly displaced people rose by three million to nearly 69 million people in 2017—a record for the fifth year in a row. Of those people, 25 million are refugees who fled their home countries to escape violence or persecution. The arrival of refugees often presents challenges for host countries, including economic strain and social tensions.

Amidst refugee challenges in Turkey and around the world, the Livelihoods Innovation through Food Entrepreneurship (LIFE) project provides solutions. The LIFE project helps refugees and host communities create businesses and jobs, while using food to foster social cohesion. The LIFE project, which is geared towards Turkish and Syrian communities alike, operates two business incubators at Food Enterprise Centers in Istanbul and Mersin. 

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