Expert Insights: Quick Tips on Food Entrepreneurship from Cullen Gilchrist, CEO and Founder of Union Kitchen

The food industry is an exciting space for entrepreneurs, with countless opportunities for new and meaningful products to enter the market. But food entrepreneurs also face unique challenges when launching and sustaining their ventures, particularly in times of uncertainty like the COVID-19 pandemic.

To help guide food entrepreneurs through their business journey, the LIFE Project created this Expert Insights video series with Consortium member Union Kitchen. Cullen Gilchrist, Union Kitchen CEO and Founder, shares his advice for current and aspiring food entrepreneurs, drawing from his own experiences and observations in the food incubator. Union Kitchen is among the leading food and beverage business accelerators in the U.S., and provides the LIFE Project with tried and true expertise on facility design and operations, member management, and sustainability. Based in Washington, D.C. Union Kitchen's program guides entrepreneurs through establishing their businesses, from concept to launch, launch to local saturation, and multi-regional expansion with a tailored curriculum, networks, and strong local ecosystem.

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